VPVoice 4.0

Use this program in a country where it is expensive to make long distance calls
4.0 (See all)
VPVoice Communications

Download PC2Phone and if you are in a country unblocked VoIP, VPVoice PC2Phone will work. After installation an icon named VPVoice will be created on the desktop. Click on it in order to start the PC2Phone. The installer also creates an icon called VPVoice in Programs Menu. If you live in a country where it is expensive to make long distance and international calls, download and install the Dialer PC2Phone on an internet-enabled PC. Register online for a PC2Phone account, once you received your access information, enter the User Id you had chosen and the password you received from developers, and you are ready to make calls.
- Easy to use VPVoice PC2Phone offering high quality voice calls.
- Account balance display - rate per minute for entered phone number (displayed before the call)
- Maximum duration for the call, timer (showing real time as it elapses)
- Phone book stored on the server’s side, audio wizard.

The PC2Phone can make/receive calls from behind NATs and firewall systems thanks to the proprietary VOIP tunnel technology.

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